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Have you ever wondered what it feels like to be a dairy cow?

Updated: Apr 30, 2023

“Through the Eyes of Priya” will give you a taste of the life of these lovely, intelligent, and emotional creatures that we take for granted. This beautifully illustrated book tells the heart-warming, true story of one very lucky dairy cow. Children and adults of all ages will get a look into the mind and heart of a mother cow. The book is lovingly written by Carole Davey and beautifully illustrated by Deborah Henning. Every one of its 48 pages is illustrated in full color. Order now

front and back covers of the book
"Through the Eyes of Priya" book cover.

There's a lot to think about in this story. Priya begins her life on a conventional dairy farm where profit is the driving motive and the emotional life of the cows is barely considered. Through a twist of fate, Priya is injured and loses her value to the farmer. Before she can be sent to slaughter, she is adopted by people devoted to the humane care of cows. Her life takes a whole new direction ultimately allowing her to blossom into motherhood and to form a lasting bond with her children and the people who care for the herd.

3 illustrations of Priya the cow with her baby.
A sampling of the illustrations.

People of all ages will delight in the magical illustrations that give a feeling of what life on earth can be when love and compassion rule our hearts. “Through the Eyes of Priya” will surely become a lasting classic in the years to come. Order this book for yourself or for someone very special in your life.

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01. Aug. 2018

The illustrations are refined, sumptuous and magical!

Gefällt mir
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