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A Rare Beneficial Gift from Us to You

We ship fresh oil. 

Moo Matri has been established to support The Mother Divine Program℠ and their herd of Ahimsa cows. Our Nourishing Dairy products are made from the uniquely nourishing milk of our own happy cows, who enjoy compassionate and loving care on the campus of the Mother Divine Program. Our products are lovingly crafted to promote health, well being and beauty.

100% of Moo Matri’s profits support The Mother Divine Program and their happy cows.

Our flagship product is the exquisite Ksheer Bala Ayurvedic Massage Oil.
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Ksheer Bala oil is the refined product of many hours of slow cooking milk, sesame oil or coconut oil and Bala together until the clear oil is completely imbued with the nourishing essence of milk and Bala. Its nourishment is easily absorbed through the skin when used for massage.

Moo Matri Ksheer Bala oil is made with nourishing ahimsa cow milk, organic sesame oil or organic coconut oil and organic Bala.

Learn more about our oil and its ingredients.


Our cows enjoy organic feed and compassionate, loving care. They graze freely on pastures which are pesticide and herbicide free. The mother cows are allowed to nurse their calves for at least six months. We take pride in allowing all of our cows and their calves to live out their natural life span. 

Nancy-Lonsdorf-MD for Moo Matri

nourishing and leaves the body feeling like mother's own healing touch has soothed and nurtured the body from the outside in. Highly recommended for easing tension, aches, stress and information or EMF overload. A very calming, restorative oil."

—Nancy Lonsdorf, MD

United States

"I simply love this massage oil!  And remarkably, it feel like it loves back. Mother Moo oil smells

"The Moo Matri oil has really been helping heal the areas where I had lost feeling from the surgery and radiation. I had come to a plateau as far as getting any better about a year ago, but with the use of the oil I’ve really seen an improvement in a short time. It’s magical stuff."


Fairfield, Iowa, USA

These statements and product have not been evaluated by the FDA. It is not meant to treat, diagnose or prevent any disease. If you are or suspect to be pregnant, or having a health concern or skin condition, please consult your physician prior to use.

Moo Matri is operated by Maharishi Global Administration through Natural Law.

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