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Moo Matri 108X Washed Ghee Changed My Life

Updated: Apr 30, 2023

I’ve been using Moo Matri 108X Washed Ghee, almost daily, for 9 months now. I find it a fine, pure, safe & soothing skin care product—the only oil based cream that my face can tolerate and like.

It has saved me repeatedly from breakouts on my face due to eczema, allergies to pollen, etc, calming them down like no other product I've tried so far. Also, it helped relieve various skin issues like itchiness and burns on parts of the body.

This product is so pure that I can freely dab it on my eyes to relieve itchiness and heat, or use for lubricating my dry nostrils or the corners of my mouth. My hands and feet readily soak up the washed ghee to stay smooth and nourished, leaving almost no grease behind. It’s perfect for the winter, especially hydrating in places with heating.

In summer, I use thinner layers, sometimes mixed with a little pure organic lotion or cream. At first, the transformation was marked—just a thin layer of washed ghee on my face followed by a mist of water to preserve the ghee from evaporating, one to a few times a day, kept the skin on my face so soft, fine, and supple. I use it before bed, with a bit more ghee following the same procedure and the next morning I marvel at how soft and fine my face has become. Now, clear, fine skin is normal for me.

Only when I ran out of Moo Matri 108X Washed Ghee and had to use another product did I notice the difference and won’t take its effect for granted.

For me, Moo Matri 108X Washed Ghee is a heavenly product; it’s not only a luxury, but also a reliable, pure, health-giving skin care remedy for daily use and first aid too.

I deeply thank those who made it for us.

WW Chan

These statements and product have not been evaluated by the FDA. It is not meant to treat, diagnose or prevent any disease. If you are or suspect to be pregnant, or having a health concern or skin condition, please consult your physician prior to use.

Moo Matri is operated by Maharishi Global Administration through Natural Law.

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