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An Ecstatic Ode to Ahimsa Milk

Updated: Mar 17, 2019

Milk, milk, we love our milk.

It's even more precious than silk.

We love drinking our wonderful milk,

Heavenly Ahimsa milk


This little poem by one of the lucky ladies who get to drink the Moo Matri milk, celebrates the remarkable difference between conventional milk and Nourisihg Dairy milk. Ahimsa means non-violence and in this context it means that the cows graze freely on pastures that are free from pesticides and herbicides. Their grazing is supplemented with organically grown hay and feed. They also get a lot of attention and apples from their friends. The calves are allowed to stay close to their mothers and to nurse for at least 6 months. This all seems to result in a very relaxed feeling in the cows which we haven’t seen at farms which separate the babies from their moms.

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